Chapter 1: Let’s Paint the Scene

Welcome to The Pink Puffball Legacy! Ten generations of what will hopefully be pink hair and silly shenanigans.

In my introduction post I showed off our founder, Ava Puffball, an artistic sim who aspires to be a great painter.

12-28-14_1-55 PMI have to say, I’m finding the default hairstyles for women to be vastly improved from the other base games. Ava’s traits are muser, creative, cheerful, and loner.

12-28-14_2-11 PMAfter leaving art school, Ava arrived at the site of her new home in Willow Creek with nothing but a knight in shining armor that she had stolen a few years back at a fraternity party. Realizing that she needed a place to sleep, she counted up the simoleons stuffed in her pocket and purchased a few necessities.

12-28-14_2-14 PMHer friends had always joked that she would be living on the streets, given that she majored in art in college. “Hah, I may not have a roof over my head but I still somehow have plumbing and electricity to run the fridge!”

12-28-14_2-15 PM

Ava spent the first half of the day at her easel, painting until she became inspired. She quickly ticked off the first two tasks for her aspiration: Start 3 paintings while inspired and Paint for 5 hours.

12-28-14_2-27 PM-2“Am I doing this right?” Um, I think so. It would be pretty hard to screw up a garden salad.

12-28-14_2-28 PMDespite the fact that the tomatoes were floating in the bowl, Ava seemed to enjoy her first meal as a legacy founder. Her social meter was getting pretty low though, so I sent her to mingle with a woman who was fishing out on the nature trail.

12-28-14_2-30 PM

I have a feeling this will be the first of many confused looks that Ava will receive from the townspeople of Willow Creek.

She didn’t seem particularly impressed by Ava. After a few interactions it was clear why. This woman has the mean and evil traits. The entire time the two conversed they were having an “unpleasant conversation”, but neither party appeared to be uncomfortable. They kept chatting away until Ava proposed a crazy scheme.. then the woman just walked away from her.

12-28-14_2-38 PMOnce Ava was left standing alone at the fishing spot I had her dig up some gems and collect a couple of frogs. By the time she was done she had become bored so I had her go back to painting. She wound up reaching level 4 of the painting skill right before heading to bed. A productive first day, I would say!

12-28-14_2-42 PM


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