Introduction to The Pink Puffball Legacy

Hey there peeps, welcome to my first ever attempt at a legacy challenge. I’ve been simming for the past ten years, and while I’ve read plenty of Sims challenge stories I’ve always been too lazy afraid to commit myself to one. I think I’ve managed to make it through three generations at most in a family, so this is something completely exciting to me!

Meet Ava Puffball!

Here's our founder for the Pink Puffball legacy, Ava.

Here’s our founder for the Pink Puffball legacy, Ava.

Ava has found herself fresh out of art school ready to take on the world with the little money that she has after miraculously paying off all of her student loans. She won the lottery, just go with it.. Anyway! Here’s her fast facts:

Appearance: Neon pink hair, dark brown eyes, and a thin build. Hopefully the crop top and booty shorts will help her reel in a lover.

Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire.

Traits: Muser (from aspiration), Creative, Cheerful, and Loner.

I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to decide on the heir. Perhaps a poll (if anyone actually stumbles upon this blog) or maybe strict equality rules where the heir must be the opposite gender of the current founder/heir. Rules for the legacy challenge, as I’m sure most of you know, can be found here.

A Note from Me: I got The Sims 4 a few days ago as a Christmas gift so this legacy is my first time really diving into the game. Mistakes will probably be made and I can guarantee that I will have no idea what I am doing most of the time. All I ask is that you strap on your seatbelts and stick with me 🙂


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