Chapter 2: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

12-28-14_2-47 PM-2When Ava woke up the next morning she had the look of determination while mixing her breakfast. She was going to start the man hunt.

It was also at this point that I realized that I had forgotten to customize all of Ava’s other outfits aside from her everyday wear. Because of this I sent her to the gym where I could get her in front of a mirror. It’s not cheating if I’m stupid right? Although I’m pretty sure modifying an outfit isn’t actually shunned against in legacies.. typically I like to keep my sims in their default outfits but I wanted some input in the founder’s clothing!

For anyone wanting to see what Ava looks like in the shower.. creeps.

For anyone wanting to see what Ava looks like in the shower.. creeps.

Actually she reminds me of a My Little Pony in this shower picture. Is that weird?

12-28-14_2-54 PMAfter washing off the dried paint that caked underneath her fingernails and behind her ears, Ava walked out of the shower confidently. She was ready to make some heads turn!

12-28-14_2-56 PMOnly none did because not only was everyone in the gym actually working out, but I couldn’t find a single eligible bachelor in the building! I directed Ava to go outside of the gym and to my surprise she ran into this strapping young man running past.

Alec Kolb, everybody.

Alec Kolb, everybody.

12-29-14_5-58 PMAva immediately liked what she saw. In minutes the conversation turned from balloons and garbage cans to both of them bringing up beds and moving boxes. Woah honey, slow your roll! She quickly entered his number into her phone before he ran off.

Note: I have to say, it really irks me that the speech bubbles are no longer automatically saved in screenshots. I know there are a few workarounds, but ugh. I’m so lazy..

12-29-14_6-01 PM

12-29-14_6-07 PMAva noticed a group of people starting a BBQ down by the shore and debated whether or not she should swipe the free veggie burgers and hot dogs. On the one hand, she was extremely hungry, but joining a group of strangers for dinner made her extremely uncomfortable. She decided to follow her gut, spending the rest of the afternoon (unwillingly) with this man.

Don’t let her face fool you. Anytime Ava went to socialize with any other sim this guy would show up and start making fun of her.

12-29-14_6-07 PM-2Well no wonder she spent the rest of her time on the lot being “uncomfortable”.

Before heading home, Ava decided to take one more look at the gym rats to see if she could spot anyone with hubby potential. After changing into her workout clothes she made her way to a weight machine. It was at that moment that this man completely lost it.

12-29-14_6-14 PM-2

Sir, this is a public place. Please control yourself.

After arriving home from her ball-busting (too soon?) trip to the gym, Ava went around her home digging up collectibles.

12-29-14_6-33 PM

I have to say, I absolutely adore the My Sims statues. I put them by the easel to help inspire some emotional paintings. So far Ava’s done one playful painting that I saved to display in the future home.. if the Puffball family ever earns enough money to build a wall or two.







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