Chapter 3: First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

Ava went to the gallery first thing the next day for some inspiration for her work. She is now at level 7 painting skill and just painted her first two masterpieces! I saved the first one (but forgot to take a photo of it, oops) so she can display it in her future home.

Ava also completed two more emotional paintings: Confident and Flirty. That just leaves three more emotional paintings to do: Angry, Sad, and Focused. Since Ava has the cheerful trait I’ve yet to see Ava in any negative emotional state other than uncomfortable (which happens almost anytime I send her to a public lot with lots of strangers).

12-30-14_10-28 PM

Ava came across a treasure map when digging for collectibles. She hasn’t done anything with it yet; saving it for a rainy day. I’m intrigued though!

12-31-14_3-57 PMAlec and Ava have been spending time together almost every day. Ava is nearing the middle of her young adult phase, so I was getting nervous about her finding someone. She and Alec have been hitting it off though. I find it amusing (and somewhat annoying) that active sims will just drop what they are doing to work out. It’s almost like he was trying to impress Ava as he did sit-ups.

12-31-14_3-58 PMAfter hitting the “Good Friends” mark, Ava decided to make her move and he was into it! Aww.

12-31-14_4-00 PM


She asked him to go on a date to the art museum and he accepted. I wound up with my first gold medal date. I found that it really isn’t that difficult to check off all the tasks for a successful date if the two parties are compatible, especially if both sims come into it with all their needs in the green.

12-31-14_4-04 PM-2The night ended with a cute first kiss by the fountain.

12-31-14_4-06 PM

After this, Ava had a wish to be boyfriend and girlfriend with Alec. After asking him, he accepted and promptly took a selfie of the two of them. Alec spent the rest of the date spamming autonomous romantic actions on Ava. It was precious!

12-31-14_4-24 PMThe next morning Ava invited Alec over and greeted him with a kiss that almost knocked him off his feet. Her mood changed to flirty and.. well..

12-31-14_4-25 PMThat happened.

Ava’s romance meter was pushed almost all the way to the top. She knew that she and Alec had a true connection and she needed to settle down sooner or later.

12-31-14_4-26 PM

So she popped the question! While he was still in his pajamas. He said yes, and Ava immediately got the wish to marry Alec. Since she doesn’t have any other close friends, she decided to skip out on the party and elope.









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