Chapter 4: Double or Nothing

01-01-15_7-59 PMAfter getting married, Alec and Ava spent some time on their own skilling; Ava at her easel and Alec at the gym. His traits are Bookworm, Childish, and Active with the Bodybuilder aspiration. I had him join the Athlete career to get some money, although Ava actually maxed out her painting skill so she’s been steadily earning anywhere from $200-2,000 dollars a day. She’s on the last task of her aspiration too: complete 5 masterpieces.

01-01-15_8-12 PMAva found out that she was pregnant after the wedding. My first pregnant sim in TS4! 😀 It’s pretty neat that you can quickly find out whether or not Try for Baby worked. In the past I usually sped through the, uh, lovemaking.. so I missed the little jingle pretty often.

01-01-15_8-18 PM

I found it pretty funny that she keeps the same outfit on during her pregnancy. I wound up changing her into a t-shirt though. While I found the pregnant belly crop top look hilarious, after awhile I just felt weird looking at her.

01-02-15_3-23 PMI figured that with a little one on the way Alec and Ava probably shouldn’t continue their lawn-living lifestyle. With the money Ava had earned from painting I decided to finally build them a shack. I couldn’t afford good lighting or any wall coverings, but it was a start!

Alec wasn’t really involved with Ava’s pregnancy. The two were skilling through most of it, but I did manage to catch him feeling her belly a couple of sim-hours before she went into labor. I really like the new labor.. system? The fact that your sims don’t disappear for hours and instead are controllable is awesome. I also like how the moodlet counts down to exactly when the baby will be born. And speaking of baby…

01-03-15_7-11 PMTwinkle Puffball was born! A baby girl with Alec’s skintone. Hey wait a second.. is that another bassinet in the background?

01-03-15_7-11 PM-2A second baby girl, Sparkle, was born! Twins?! Aww. She has Ava’s skin tone. I also found it pretty funny that Alec didn’t even wake up during the labor. He slept soundly through the entire thing and started freaking out when he woke up the next morning.

01-03-15_7-14 PMBreastfeeding is new to The Sims 4. I’m not sure if there’s any benefit to it, so I made sure to alternate both feeding types so that each twin got equal bottle/boobie actions. There’s nothing special about the newborn stage. The emotion system in TS4 is beneficial since you can tell how a baby is feeling (Happy, Sad, Asleep, etc.). It was easy to get the hang of taking care of them, even when Alec went to work and it was just Ava at home.

01-03-15_7-47 PMAlec spends almost all of his free time working out at home and quickly worked through three of the phases of his aspiration. To complete the final stage he needs to reach level 10 in the athletic skill and reach his maximum body potential. I have to admit, so far it seems like these aspirations are really easy to complete. Right now Alec is at level 7 athletic and only the third level of the Athlete career.. it doesn’t really seem balanced.. but whatever. I won’t complain!

01-03-15_7-39 PMThe night before the twin’s birthday I used the rest of the money that the Puffballs had saved up to make their home a ~little~ more presentable. Probably should have taken a day photo.. oh well! I love the light blue siding and the wildflowers. I added wallpaper to all of the walls inside and some hanging lights too. I’m kind of going with a “pastel dream home” theme. I’m terrible at building though, so we’ll see what happens.

01-03-15_8-04 PMThis was also the point where I finally bought their first dining room set and a stove! No more eating garden salads on the bed!

01-03-15_8-11 PMI had Alec dig for treasure with another treasure map that he found and he dug up a voodoo doll. It’s pretty cute, but I haven’t used it yet. The action said that I needed to have a non-child sim around for him to use it, and since no townies were around outside I stuffed it back into his inventory. I’m intrigued to see what it does.

01-03-15_8-19 PM-2After three relatively quick days of infancy, it was time for Twinkle and Sparkle to grow up. Sparkle grew up first and watched in awe as her twin sister spun around in a hamster ball before exploding into a child.

01-03-15_8-20 PMHere’s Twinkle! She has her dad’s hair and eye color. Using Pinstar’s random trait generator I rolled cheerful as her trait (just like her Mama!) and Whiz Kid as her aspiration.

01-03-15_8-19 PMAnd here’s Sparkle, an art lover with the social butterfly aspiration. I immediately took them into create a sim to tweak their outfits but I forgot to take photos. Guess you’ll have to wait and see next time :p


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